Minute of Silence at People's Climate March 2014, NYC

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One Minute For Earth, 2016. Published under a Creative Commons 4.2 Share and Share Alike License.

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Earth Hour is a wonderful initiative whose main purpose is to create awareness. Dimming our lights, turning off our appliances and electronics for an hour a year may seem trivial, but here’s the thing: giving an hour back to earth, minimizing our demands for that short time, creates space for us to stop and reflect on our relationship with our planet – our actions, their consequences, and earth’s needs, and how we can respond to those needs. It’s an opportunity to acknowledge and feel grateful for all that our planet gives us. It also reminds us that we can actually do quite well and be quite comfortable with a lot less.

When you participate in #EarthHour, also take a moment to focus your attention and energy. For one minute, lets together consciously envision the highest and most positive outcomes for Earth - and clear the pathway to the healthy, peaceful, sustainable, and equitable world we want.​



March 24, 2018 - 8:30 to 9:30 P.M. local time