Our mission is simple. It's all about ​EMPOWERMENT. Many people feel helpless and hopeless with the huge challenges confronting the world.  But we have the ability to effect the changes that need to happen in order for us to heal our planet, as individuals and as citizens of Earth. The Paris Climate Agreement would not have happened had it not been for individuals envisioning a different scenario and putting their attention and intention in that direction. The more we participate in and focus on this common vision, the faster and easier it will materialize. 

​​​​This initiative is an open invitation to everyone who feels concerned about the state and health of our world and wants to do something about it. Whether you're a school teacher who'd like to give your students the space to envision a better world, an Executive Director of an NGO who's looking to deepen their team's focus on the urgent issues at hand, a delegate at an international meeting where the fate of fellow human beings or other species are decided, an environmentalist or community organizer preparing a public action, or just a person who knows the earth's in trouble and wants to do something, anything to help save it, the fact is that we're all in this together, and together, we can help create the vision that will consciously  build the world we want.  

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​​​​​It's safe to assume that everyone has participated in a moment of silence at one time or other, either in recognition of life lost or to pray or meditate on a certain subject. 1 MINUTE 4 EARTH ​is an idea that invites us all to give a moment of silent reflection for our Earth and our common future, with the added understanding that by focusing on the highest and most positive outcomes to humanity's most pressing challenges, by directing our thoughts during our minute of silence towards what we want to see in our world, we can create the future of our dreams.  

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​​There is 1 Earth, 1 Future, 1 Fate.  And there is 1 Human Race who, through imagination, envisioning and focus, has created the world we presently live in. 1 MINUTE 4 EARTH believes that, using these same creative tools, we have the intrinsic ability to heal our Earth and build a sustainable, peaceful and equitable future.  Our vision is to unite everyone, regardless of position or status, in focusing our thoughts, intentions and actions on the highest and most positive outcomes for our planet, particularly during specific important events.  Otherwise, this can be done as a daily practice where, for instance, every day at 10 a.m. we pause and give a minute to envision the world we want. This sets the stage for every decision that's made during the day. It connects our mind to our heart so that they work together. It connects us to the Earth and to everything on it. And most of all, it shows us the potential we have - you have - in creating the peaceful, equitable, healthy Earth we all want. 

One Minute For Earth, 2016. Published under a Creative Commons 4.2 Share and Share Alike License.

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The first step to creating anything is imagining it. Everything we have ever made first began with a thought, from the chair you're sitting on to the device you're using to read this, to the space station circling our planet.  However, most of our thought processes are automatic and unconscious. In short, we are basically creating our world and our reality without consciously choosing what we want it to look like, feel like, be like. The process of waking up, of becoming aware of our thoughts, and most importantly, conscious of how to easily direct them to co-create what we really want for this world, is as simple as closing our eyes, becoming aware of our breath - which is a gift from the atmosphere we share with every other living being on Earth - and focusing on envisioning the world we want – 1 minute a day. We can all participate in this simple act, joining our energies to each other and to our living planet. From this simple beginning we can envision and build the world we want - peaceful, equitable, and healthy. 

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