But here's the issue: for the most part we’ve been unconscious of our thoughts, most of them being habitual and distracted. They've been programmed for over-consumption and used against our highest and long-term good. We’ve essentially been asleep at the wheel. It’s time to wake up and begin utilizing the creative potential of our thoughts to build the world we know can be. By thinking of the world we want, we create a focus for our thoughts. When that focus is given attention, intention and direction, what inevitably follows is action.

We are more than 7 billion thinking, co-creating individuals on this planet. There is no reason to wait for a handful of leaders to make the decisions necessary for our well-being and very survival. Our own personal decisions, the ones we make every day throughout the day, are what have created the world we are now living in. And so they can, through conscious awareness, create the world we want. In short, more than ever, our decisions will decide our common fate. 


One Minute For Earth, 2016. Published under a Creative Commons 4.2 Share and Share Alike License.

You are more powerful than you think, and together we are more powerful than we can imagine. In fact, the destiny of our planet and the fate of the human race essentially lie in our hands, and more specifically, in our minds. 

Our thoughts are creative potential. Think about this: everything that’s man-made first began with a thought. Our cultures, our philosophies, our tools and languages, everything that surrounds you at this moment, indeed much of our evolutionary process, began with a simple thought given attention, intention and direction. We are, in essence, powerful co-creators. 

​​How do we reclaim the power of our thoughts to consciously create the world we want? Simply by stopping for a minute every day, closing our eyes, and reflecting on this beautiful planet we call home. In our mind’s eye we see Earth healthy and whole. We consciously connect to Earth’s atmosphere, and to every living being, by becoming aware of our breath. We envision the world we want – peaceful, equitable, sustainable, healthy – and feel it as though it’s already here. Locking onto the vision, giving it our full attention and intention, we breathe life into it. By repeating this exercise daily, we put the vision front and center into our conscious awareness. We then go out into the world awake and aware that our thoughts and actions have an impact on Earth’s health and on our future. We start noticing the habits we engage in that contribute to the destruction of our planet, and realize that the power to protect it and save ourselves is simply a matter of consciously changing our mind. The intention we hold during our minute for Earth directs the energy of our creative thoughts towards the outcome we envision.